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iesResearch Clinic is an integrated platform from that allows postgraduates & researchers to chat with our consultants on research best practices. Key topics includes:

  • Knowledge Discovering.
  • Scientific Authoring.
  • Research Outreaching. Join the Research Clinic here

Drillbit is the first cost-effective similarity checker for university-level academic work. Essentially, it is the very first technology to cover as many premium academic works as the market leader but at a price that allows institutions to save money and check more documents.

Drillbit Extreme is a global plagiarism prevention, similarity and paraphrasing solution based on most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. technologies to catch the most
sophisticated forms of plagiarism.

Research Consultancy Services for Universities through Capacity building Workshops.

Since the 1970s, bibliometrics has become an essential methodology to evaluate and assess research performance.

The inclusion of Web of ScienceTM and later ScopusTM in university rankings’ criteria influenced the publishing behaviors of the researchers. They created several myths around the quantitative-and-qualitative science analysis and research publishing. In 2014, the UK pioneered the Research Excellence Framework (REF) that assesses the research quality by including the social
contributions of science, and it goes beyond citation counts.

iesResearch workshops participants will gain insights on citation analytics concerning multidisciplinary research, scholarly collaboration, and journal selection This learning prepares audiences to explore the new movement of Open Access (OA), impact evidencing, and quantification commonly seen in advanced research countries in Northern America and Europe.

In summary, the workshop highlight includes citation best practices, strategic citation analysis, research outreach & engagement, impact evidencing, and the essential research tools for manuscript writing.

The wrap-up with research tools will guide the researchers on advancing their publishing work with the latest machine learning technology that aligns with the latest publishers’ submission requirements, such as graphical abstract, video byte, and plain-language summary.

Key workshop topics include.

  1. Authoring: select the right reference management tool (e.g., EndNote, Mendeley or Zotero)
    and an appropriate language editing tool (e.g., WriteFull or equivalent)
  2. Citation search: choose the right paper from the citation tool (e.g., Google Scholar) and
    analyze the originality and worthiness (e.g., Scite) before reading the paper.
  3. Reading the chosen papers: read and comprehend the paper using an Summarization and Reference Linking tool for Researchers. (e.g., Scholarcy)
  4. Conceptualize your work: present idea using graphics aided by scientific graphic tools (e.g.,
  5. Research Outreaching in a bid to make the published work visible globally among peers.

Provision of modern Artificial Intelligence driven Academic research tools for your research work.

Keeping up with the accelerated rise in published research isn’t just difficult, it’s impossible.

Scholarcy lets you read and absorb more of the research you need in less time. It helps you to filter out the noise, identify the most relevant papers faster, and easily jump between the sections in an article that are most important to your work. Scholarcy gives you more than just an abstract.

It condenses papers into referenced summaries, highlights key claims and statistics and extracts tables and images. With Scholarcy you don’t skim a paper –you understand it faster.

Academic writing is hard.
Writefull’s AI helps you write, paraphrase, copyedit, and more. Using language models trained on millions of journal articles, Writefull’s edits are tailored to academic writing.

Communicate science visually with the power of the best and free infographic maker. Mind the Graph is trusted by researchers and academics from 100+ top academic, educational and industrial institutions as the best infographic maker and overall full-stack design tool.

scite is a platform introducing “Smart Citations” – citations that allow users to see how a scientific paper has been cited by providing the context of the citation and a classification describing whether it provides supporting or contrasting evidence for the cited claim. scite provides experts evaluations for any research topic in the world through Smart Citations.

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